2023-2024 Course Offerings

The Course Catalog will be released in July 2023.
Read below to learn more about the exciting changes we are making to courses this year.

When God leads us in a new direction, it requires us to build a “new wineskin” so that we can be good stewards of the “new wine” that God wants to pour out (see Matthew 9:16-17).  Our staff are working hard to re-design the way MorningStar University is structured so that we will be optimized to host revival and train our students with excellence, love, and power.  We also embrace a “team ministry” approach so we are taking the time to talk and pray with every faculty member about what they are hearing from the Lord before we finalize our courses for the coming year.

However, whether you will be a returning student or a first-year student, below are some of the changes you can expect as you plan for next year:

– Required foundation courses will be reduced from 12 credits to 8 credits, giving more time for electives.  Students will select the remaining credits from our new electives offerings.  

– Our new electives are designed to build key skills that students will need in life and ministry, inspire creativity and hands-on learning, and dive deeper into the mysteries of Biblical and prophetic insight than ever before.

– This will not disrupt the course tracks for each major, which are specialized and happen at a different time of day than the foundation courses and electives offerings.

– Foundation courses and electives provide a chance for students to interact with others outside their major as well as students from other class years, building school unity and enriching student life.

– Students register for courses in the autumn after they arrive and move on campus.  More information will be given during Orientation and Boot Camp week.  

– Although the course catalog will be available to browse online before then, we want to give students a chance to meet face-to-face with an academic advisor to ensure the courses they select will help to meet their academic, spiritual, and life goals.

Thank you for considering MorningStar University!