Accredited Degree Programs

MSU offers one-year ministry certificates for
our one-year intensives and accredited Associate's and Bachelor's degrees.

One-Year Ministry Certificates

We offer three paths for one-year ministry certificates.  The first two paths are one-year intensive programs primarily designed to train, equip, and mobilize believers in times of increasing turmoil and unprecedented harvest.  Both the School of Revival and the Special Forces Missions intensives are designed for this kind of strategic training and deployment.  However, they also spend the majority of their time on campus on a normal week, receiving the deep foundations and enrichment of our core classes, enjoying our wide array of elective offerings, and building relationships with others.  

The third path towards a one-year ministry certificate is our legacy College of Leadership program.  This is generally the path taken for those whose major is  undecided or who have a chosen a major other than School of Revival or Special Forces Missions.  Its pacing is less aggressive than the intensive programs.  However, those who join this legacy program must complete the initial leadership track classes and complete a mini-internship with one of MorningStar’s ministry departments.  

We encourage you to carefully explore our programs, our majors, and our course offerings and prayerfully consider if MorningStar University is the right place for you!

Associate's Degree

Students who have completed the first-year ministry certificate program with one of the three options above may continue their education with an associate’s degree in year two. In the second year, students take more advanced foundation classes but may share in electives or activations with first or third-year students. Second-year students are also required to participate in an internship throughout the year. These internships provide practical training in leadership, and students are also given responsibilities within MSU to help lead and disciple the first-year class.

Some students in the associate’s degree program will have the opportunity to travel overseas for some time to work with ministries, businesses, or other areas related to where they feel God has called them. International students will have the opportunity to travel within the U.S.

Entry into the associate’s degree program is selective, and students must do well in the first-year program to be considered. Sixty credit hours are required to complete the associate’s degree program. 

Please see our course catalog for a description of the foundation courses and electives in the second-year program or explore our majors below.

Bachelor's Degree

After completing two years of study at MSU, students may apply for the bachelor’s degree program. This track is even more selective than the associate’s, and only students with spiritual maturity and strong character will be considered.

In this degree track, spiritual and leadership studies become more challenging, and students are assigned leadership positions within MSU, MorningStar Ministries, or other approved placement areas.

Students need 120 credits to complete the bachelor’s degree, and those who participate in one of the two majors in the previous two years can usually achieve these credits in three rather than four.

Please see our course catalog for a description of the foundation courses and electives in the third-year program or explore our majors above.

Our Accreditation

Accredited by Association of Independent
Christian Colleges and Seminaries

Degree programs of study offered by MorningStar University have been declared by the appropriate state authority exempt from the requirements for licensure, under provisions of North Carolina General Statues Section (G.S.) 116-15 (d) for exemption from licensure with respect to religious education. Exemption from licensure is not based upon assessment of program quality under established licensing standards.

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