Autumn 2023 Open Courses

The MSU courses listed below are available this semester
for auditing or accredited a-la-carte registration.

Visions of the Harvest

with MorningStar Founder Rick Joyner

One of the key messages of Rick Joyner’s prophetic ministry is the promise of an imminent and massive global harvest of believers in the end times.  In this course, Rick will outline the most important biblical promises of the end times as well as the revelations he has received on this important topic from 1987, when Visions of the Harvest was first published, until today.

Every second Tuesday of the month, 9-11am,
MSU Seminar Room on Main Street

Group Mentoring Sessions with Chris Reed

with MorningStar President Chris Reed

The apostle Paul wrote, “Imitate me as I also imitate Christ.” (1 Corinthians 11:1 NKJV) One of the key ways we learn to follow the Lord is by imitating the spiritual lives of the trusted and anointed leaders God has connected us to.  This unique course features weekly large-group sessions with MorningStar President Chris Reed as he shares keys from his own walk with God, insights on the times, and the deeper mysteries that undergird the prophetic movement.

Weekly on Wednesday, 11am-Noon,
MSU Seminar Room on Main Street

Walking with the Desert Fathers

with Ramses Girgis

The Desert Fathers of Egypt were a group of Christian monastics who lived in the deserts of Egypt during the 4th and 5th centuries. This course explores the lives, teachings, and spiritual practices of these influential figures and their significant contributions to early Christian spirituality. Through an examination of their writings, disciples, and historical context, students will gain a deeper understanding of asceticism, contemplative prayer, and the pursuit of holiness within the context of early Christianity.

Weekly on Wednesday, 10-11am,
MSU Seminar Room on Main Street

History of Revival

with Jeff Oliver

Jeff Oliver is the author of the Pentecost to Present series of church history books and currently serves on MorningStar Fellowship’s pastoral team.  In this class, students will survey the Holy Spirit’s enduring work through history from Pentecost to the present. Early prophetic and spiritual gifts movements, reformations and awakenings, and worldwide revivals and renewal will be covered in this broad survey of church history. Students will also see what the Holy Spirit is doing today and may be getting ready to do.

Weekly on Thursday, 9-10am,
MSU Seminar Room on Main Street

Speaking the Word of Faith

with Paige Mays

Scripture tells us that our tongue is like a rudder that can “steer the whole ship” or “set a forest aflame” (see James 3:4-5).  As we face unprecedented challenges in the world around us, it is critical for us to learn how to wield the power of the Word of God as an effective weapon.  Those who learn to apply the Word and declare it strategically will be better equipped to face sickness, disaster, financial trouble, and all manner of difficulty with faith and victory.

Weekly on Thursday, 11am-Noon,
MSU Seminar Room on Main Street

Apostolic Foundations 101

with Michael Fickess

Jesus instructed us to build our lives on the solid rock of His words and Paul made it clear that “Christ and Him crucified” is the foundation of our faith.  In this course, students learn the essential teachings of Jesus from the New Testament, the foundation atonement in the Apostolic Gospel, and the basic discipleship practices that lead to a healthy, thriving, and high-impact daily walk with the Lord. 

Weekly on Wednesday, 9-10am,
MSU Seminar Room on Main Street

Frequently Asked Questions
about MSU Open Courses

1. Which option should I choose?

Auditing a course is a more affordable option and the best choice for those who want to learn from the course but do not need academic credit. This is a great option for adult learners who simply want to grow in their knowledge of the Lord. The price for auditing a full course is $89 per credit hour.

A-la-carte registration is the best choice for those who want to earn credit towards an accredited MSU degree and are also willing to commit to the workload associated with the course. The price for a-la-carte registration for an accredited course is $279 per credit hour.

2. What if I only want to audit one session of one class?

Single sessions of classes can be audited for $8/session. Single-session fee payment happens in-person on the day that you attend the class. MSU staff will be on site to answer any questions you have and help with your payment. A-la-carte registration only applies for those who will take the full course because the full course must be attended in order to earn academic credit.

3. Why aren't all classes available for auditing?

Many of our classes are designed specifically to serve our full-time students. We want to keep many of these class sizes modest in order to cultivate the very best small-group dynamics as we teach, train, and equip those that God entrusts to us. However, our night class program and open courses are designed to provide frequent learning opportunities to our church, our residents, and the larger community of faith so that MSU's reach can go far beyond our full-time student body.

4. Do I need to complete an application?

We only require an application for full-time students. Auditing and a-la-carte registration are a simple process, just like registering for a conference: when you click the red or green buttons above, you'll be taken to a registration page for payment and will receive a receipt via e-mail.