Core Values of MorningStar University


The values listed here can be understood within the context of our Statement of Faith. Values common to Christianity, such as faith, love, salvation, purity and obedience, are assumed and are thus not addressed here.

At MorningStar University we value:

Knowing God
Our number one mission is to grow in intimacy with God and become passionate seekers of truth through study of the scriptures.

Jesus Christ—Our Example
Our primary purpose is to esteem Jesus in every way—to become like Him and to exalt Him rather than ourselves.

Following the Holy Spirit
We accept, encourage, and seek the spiritual gifts and ministries of the Holy Spirit and acknowledge them as vital for every Christian leader to accomplish their full purpose.

We intentionally value and promote an environment that fosters community and provides a healthy place for accountability and growth.

Teaching and Equipping
We are committed to fulfilling the mandate of Ephesians 4:11-13 to equip the saints for the work to which they are called in God’s kingdom.

Discovery of Identity and Purpose
We exist to help future leaders find their true identity in Christ, discover their purpose, and equip them to walk in their ultimate destiny.

We recognize that healing is available for the body, soul, mind, and spirit, and that healing in these places produces greater freedom, a deeper experience of God’s love, and a greater capacity to walk out our destiny.

We are committed to developing resilience in the areas of the mind, will, and emotions to mature us in character and to help us remain grounded in faith as we navigate life’s obstacles.

Excellence as the Standard
We pursue excellence in all that we do as we commit ourselves to fulfilling the Ephesians 4 mandate.

Servant-Hearted Leadership
We strive to follow Jesus’ example of humility and servant-hearted leadership in a manner that is in-line with His teachings and recognizes the tremendous responsibility it is to be entrusted with His people.