MorningStar University FAQ


How does the program work?

MorningStar University’s College of Leadership is an on-campus leadership training program that offers a two year Associates Degree (60 credits) and a 3-4 year Bachelors Degree (120 credits) in Leadership Ministry. Students also have the option of completing a one-year intensive version of the program for which they receive a certificate of completion.

Regardless of the degree track chosen, all students are required to complete the same core classes. The second and third year classes (Associates and Bachelors tracks) build upon the foundation laid in the first year. Each year of the program becomes more challenging, and acceptance into each year is selective.

Is MSU a full-time or part-time program?

MSU’s College of Leadership is a full-time program with twelve hours of leadership classes per week. Leadership classes are held from 9am-12pm Tuesday through Friday. The school year begins in August and finishes in May. Click here for the MSU calendar.

How do the classes work?

The College of Leadership courses comprise the core curriculum of the College of Leadership, and all students are required to attend these core courses. In addition to the core curriculum, three optional Majors are offered:

Special Forces: School of missions:  Click Here for more information
School of Worship:  Click Here for more information
School of the Prophets: Click Here for more information

Major classes are held in the afternoons and occasionally on Friday nights and on some weekends. The schedule depends on the major chosen. Students are not required to choose a major to attend the College of Leadership program.

Can I participate in the Special Forces or the School of Worship Major without taking the College of Leadership classes?

Because we are a leadership college and our main purpose is to raise up leaders, we do not allow students to complete the Majors separate from the core leadership curriculum. Most of our leadership and spiritual training occurs in the College of Leadership classes, and students who do not attend these classes miss out on much of what God does in the school.

How many students are in the MSU program?

Due to our leadership focus and our desire to personally connect with our students, we endeavor to limit our class size to fifty students per school. The Special Forces Outdoor Leadership Major class size is even smaller, and selection is based on several factors.

Who is MSU accredited through?

The MSU College of Leadership is accredited through AICCS (

Does MSU Accept International Students?

Yes. MSU values having a diverse student population, and we have graduates from all over the world. Click here for information regarding visa requirements for international students.

How much does the school cost?

College of Leadership tuition amounts vary based on whether you choose a Major or not and which one you choose.
Click here to view our Tuition & Fees page for specific price breakdowns.

Are tuition payment plans available?

Yes. We are happy to work with students on a payment plan. Contact the MSU office at for more information.  

Are Scholarships available?

We are unable to provide full scholarships at this time. We do, however, provide options for students to participate in programs that substantially reduce tuition. We also offer discounts to US Veterans, MFM/MFC members and MorningStar Partners, including immediate family members.. Contact the MSU office at for more information.

Can I use the GI bill to pay for MSU?

No. Unfortunately, the GI bill does not cover Ministry Schools.

Are there other costs I should know about?

The MSU College of Leadership offers opportunities throughout the year to participate in ministry trips within the USA and overseas. Trip costs vary and are announced well in advance throughout the school year. 

Are meal plans available?

MSU does not offer meal plans. Breakfast and lunch are available for purchase at the Missions Café on campus, and MSU students receive a discount at the café.

Is student housing available on campus?

Yes. Bunk housing is available for college-age MSU students on the MorningStar campus. Hotel rooms in the H.I.M. Conference Center are also available. All housing is available on a first come, first serve basis and is handled through the H.I.M. Conference Center, not the MSU office. Once accepted into the school, an incoming MSU student can reserve accommodation in the Bunk House or in the HIM hotel by contacting Deborah Gill at 803-802-5544 (ext. 278) or at

When can I move in?

Students can move into student housing a week prior to Orientation Week. Most students move in the weekend before Orientation.