I will be glad and exult in you;
I will sing praise to your name, O Most High

Psalm 9:2

The Vision


MorningStar University’s School of Worship Arts is an immersive one or two-year training program crafted for those who are first lovers of Jesus and the lifestyle of worship, as well as skilled or aspiring singers, songwriters, and musicians. MSU’s School of Worship Arts is grounded in MorningStar’s rich legacy of creating new expressions of corporate worship, and releasing new and powerful sounds to inspire and release artists with the highest standards of excellence, vision, and purpose in their music.

What to Expect


The goal of MSU’s School of Worship Arts is to raise up those who walk in a lifestyle of worship. We’re looking for aspiring worship leaders, songwriters, and musicians who desire to know the Father, and have an honest conversation with Him and His people. We believe Christians should be the most creative people on earth, and that is what we are seeking to have released in those who come to MSU.

Our classes include in-depth worship development and training. We first and foremost want to cultivate a love, desire, and passion for worshipping Jesus. Through a lifestyle of Holy Spirit living, we will learn how to be the worshippers we were born to be. We will also have a strong emphasis on crafting our skill through songwriting and music theory. We will be backing all of our instruction in the biblical purpose of worship which provides students with a vision and understanding of their calling.

Led by David Vallier, instructors in the School of Worship Arts include high-impact and successful musicians, including Suzy Yaraei, Joel and Destiny Khouri, Will Price, Jon Hussey, Fred Updegraft, and more. Special guest instructors have been known to grace our worship school like Don Potter, Jason Upton, Misty Edwards, Kelanie Gloeckler, Molly Williams, Josh Baldwin, and others. You never know who will show up!  These amazing worship leaders and artists bring decades of walking in this lifestyle of worship as well as professional experience that is important for growth for any creative. 

Become the Leader You are Called to Be

New Zealand campus launching in Feb 2022 - FIND OUT MORE