The MSU School of Communications teaches and mentors students in written communication, verbal communication, research, and marketing. 

Communications majors must complete a two-year apprenticeship with MorningStar Journal News (MSJN) or with the media professionals in the Communications Department to develop a skill level that will lead to long-term success.

Marketing and design can be important to success in both ministry and vocation.  That’s why we encourage MSU students to also take School of Communications electives to refine their skills.

An Epic Communications Legacy

It started with Rick Joyner’s anointed book, There Were Two Trees in the Garden.  But there was also an anointed logo that a trained professional designed which helped propel MorningStar to leave a heavy Kingdom of Heaven footprint on the nations.  Effective marketing helps us leave a righteous legacy because it is crucial to  stewarding what God has entrusted to us.

Over the last three decades, MorningStar Ministries has reached millions of people around the globe with hundreds of book titles through MorningStar Publications, a series of television programs which have drawn healthy viewership for generations, and the serious responsibility to properly communicate what the Lord is saying to the right people, at the right time, in the right way.  As a result of this faithful stewardship, our ministry has drawn many anointed writers, designers, and media professionals who are the very best at their craft.

MorningStar’s communications legacy is important because our stewardship of the messages the Lord gives us can fail terribly if we have not learned the basics of effective communication.  From public speaking to writing to digital marketing in the 21st century, the School of Communications is designed to give every student a broad survey of the key skills that ministry leaders need to bring impact many more lives for the kingdom.

Program Overview

Students who major in communications will take a series of one-hour  courses which together provide a comprehensive overview of all aspects of effective written, verbal, and digital communication.  Our highly qualified instructors include MorningStar’s community of published authors, our own media specialists, marketing experts, and more.

Communication classes will teach key skills, including:

– Creative writing, including short stories, poems, and prophetic allegories

– Prophetic scribing, including how to present dreams and visions in a format that every believer can receive

– How to write effective marketing copy for advertising products, events, and more

– Inter-personal communication, including traditional letter-writing, e-mail etiquette, texting etiquette

– Effective journalistic writing, including news articles, editorials, and news marketing

– Using voice and movement effectively in public speaking and in film

– The basic principles of graphic design and video design



School of Communications majors will also complete a two-year apprenticeship with one media, news, or publications specialist in their area of interest.  The time-tested model of apprenticeship over a longer period of time allows students to zero in on one particular area of expertise so that they can build a resume and a portfolio of work to use in finding freelance work or employment after graduation.

Please see our full course catalog under the “Degrees and Programs” heading above detailed course descriptions.  Since this is a new program, we will be refining and updating this information throughout summer of 2023 to be sure we are often the best program available.

All of us dream of hearing the Lord tell us,
“Well done, good and faithful servant!” 
when we meet Him face to face.

Faithful stewardship of everything He has entrusted
to us is the only path to that reward.