The MSU Company of Prophets is a full-time academic major that provides in-depth teaching, training, and mentoring in all aspects of the prophetic ministry within the context of a healthy prophetic community.

Drawing from MorningStar Ministries’ three decades of prophetic ministry experience, the MSU Company of Prophets trains students in three key aspects of prophetic ministry: living a prophetic lifestyle modeled after Christ’s life, effective interpersonal prophetic ministry, and prophetic watchman ministry.

There are many programs for training and equipping pastors and teachers across the body of Christ.  However, MorningStar is uniquely positioned to raise up and support the next generation of prophetic ministry for the next move of God.  We are excited to proved this services  because it reflects the essence of who we are as a ministry.


Program Overview

Baby eaglets are nurtured, fed fresh meat, and protected in eyries built in the mountain heights.  However, they are also kicked out of the nest as soon as they are old enough to learn how to fly.  Likewise, our Company of Prophets Major offers a balance of supportive, prophetic community, in-depth teaching and training, and frequent opportunities to step out in faith and grow in all types of prophetic ministry.

Key Features of the MSU Company of Prophets include:

  • – Teaching, training, and mentorship from MorningStar ministry leaders with decades of prophetic experience

 A strong, biblical foundation for all types of prophetic ministry, including how to live a prophetic lifestyle as Jesus did, how to effectively minister to others, and how to discern what is happening in global systems and nations as a watchman

– A supportive, spiritual community that gives frequent opportunities to minister, coaching, and support

– Training in how to effectively write and disseminate key prophetic words for maximum kingdom impact

– Enrollment in MSU foundation courses and electives for a rich and comprehensive educational experience

– See our course catalog for more detailed information

– The MSU Company of Prophets curriculum also includes monthly classes and activations in conjunction with the School of the Prophets Weekend Intensives (The difference between these two programs is the Company of the Prophets is an academic major for full-time students who also benefit from a full courseload, while the School of the Prophets takes place one weekend per month) Learn more about SOP here.

"The prophets will be prophesying.
The Spirit of the Lord will come powerfully on you.
Then you will prophesy along with them.
You will become a different person."
- 1 Samuel 10:5-6 NIrV