Special Forces: School of Missions

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In this world you will have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world
John 16:33

MSU’s Special Forces: School of Missions Major is an intense wilderness training program designed to prepare students physically, mentally, and spiritually to handle the demands of leadership in this disruptive age, especially in the missions field. The program’s ultimate goal is to produce leaders with the proven character and resilience that comes from persevering through trials and tribulation (see Romans 5:3-5).

Established in 2005 by Rick Joyner, this program was inspired by Rick’s association with the elite U.S. Delta Force and his desire to see the church raised to a similar standard. MSU’s Special Forces: School of Missions Major is unique in the world of ministry schools because of its combination of classroom teaching with experiential training in real world situations. Through this program, students are exposed to a variety of demanding personal and leadership challenges. Every month, students travel into different wilderness areas where they are taught survival skills, leadership skills, and spiritual principles while completing difficult objectives. Are you ready?



Due to the physically demanding nature of this program and the potential dangers associated with the training, students must be over 18 years old to apply. Applicants over the age of 40 will not be considered for this program. This program involves monthly missions training challenges in a variety of wilderness situations. All applicants must be physically capable of participating in these activities. Students don’t need to be triathletes to join this program but all our students will finish the program stronger than when they began.



MSU is committed to keeping all costs as low as possible for students. However, additional fees are required to cover the extra expenses involved with the Special Forces: School of Missions Major. Currently, the tuition cost for the Special Forces Major is $1950 in addition to the College of Leadership tuition. This price covers the eight wilderness expeditions (transport, food, and all equipment) during the school year as well as other excursions and training. This can be paid up front for a discount or paid in installments throughout the year.



The Special Forces: School of Missions Major will provide all the necessary equipment, including high-quality backpacks, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, tents, water filters, cook gear, medical resources, and other essential items to students as part of their tuition. Students are not required to purchase any gear prior to starting the program. Students may choose to bring and use any outdoor gear they already have, but we do not recommend purchasing any new equipment or clothing prior to starting the course as the program will teach you about the right gear to buy.



Because the Special Forces Major is focused on missions and disaster relief work, there can be several trips each year depending on the disasters, but all students are required to go on a 7 day mission trip in march. This trip is not included in the tuition. Students will need to raise approximately $1,500 for this trip, and the fundraising effort is part of the training. In the event of a natural disaster, the Special Forces team may be deployed into disaster zones to help facilitate recovery. Disaster relief trips are generally covered by tuition.

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