College of Leadership Masters Program

Preparing high-impact leaders to change their world.

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MorningStar University’s Master’s in Leadership Ministry degree program is a 12 month program designed to fit busy schedules, with one intensive weekend of teaching and immersion every month. This program is designed for those who desire to refine their leadership skills to a higher level, develop a clearer vision, and develop the skills that will help them to fulfill their destiny as an end-times leader in their own sphere of influence. The course content is designed to impart deep knowledge of historical and cultural trends, a prophetic perspective, a Biblical worldview, and practical leadership lessons that can be quickly applied in a many different contexts.

master's program
master's program
master's program
master's program


• A luxurious retreat environment every month with catered meals
• Teaching and class discussion with seasoned leaders and prophetic voices such as:
  Rick Joyner, General Jerry Boykin, Dave Yarnes, Marc Nuttle, Nicholas Papanicolaou,
  Mike Gottfried, Al Wood, Nathan Plowman, and others.
  These leaders have decades of experience in their areas of expertise.
• An intimate, small-group teaching setting
• In-depth teaching and coaching on the writing process for every student in preparation for writing a Master’s thesis.


There are three ways for students to participate in this exciting program: 


Auditors join the class all of the teaching, meals, and discussion in a Masters weekend for a reduced price. However, auditors do not earn a degree and are not required to complete assignments.

Simple registration required,
No academic admissions.

Price per Weekend: $300

Master’s Candidate

Masters candidates complete all assignments, write a Masters thesis, and participate in the program for a full year, candidates receive their degree upon completion of all academic requirements. Masters candidates must already possess a BA degree.

Academic admissions and acceptance required, Flexible payment options available.

Yearly Tuition Price: $10,800

Multi-Year Flex

For Masters candidates with an especially busy schedule or who would like longer to complete the program, we also offer a flexible option. Students who take the multi-year flex option take individual courses as their schedule allows over the span of two or more years. Flex candidates receive a degree after all assignments and course requirements are met.

Academic admissions and acceptance required.

Tuition Price paid with each month of attendance is 1/12 of the yearly cost.


4 credits “21st Century Leadership”with Dr. Rick Joyner
1 credit “Leadership and Ethics” with Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Jerry Boykin
4 credits “Types of Governments and the Constitution: The Church and the State” with Dr. Nicholas Papanicolaou
3 credits “Understanding Islam in Our Times” with Dr. Nicholas Papanicolaou
4 credits “7M Leadership” with Dr. David Yarnes
3 credits “Leading through Media” with Dr. Rick Joyner and Rick Eldridge
3 credits “Team Building” with Al Wood, Mike Gottfried, and Nathan Plowman
2 credits “Leading Through Cultural Reform” Marc Nuttle
6 credits Final paper and presentation (50-page paper)


Thursday Friday Saturday
8 – 9 am Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
9 – 12 pm Morning Session Morning Session Morning Session
12 – 1 pm Lunch Immersion Lunch Immersion Lunch Immersion
1 – 5 pm Afternoon Session Afternoon Session
5 – 6 pm Dinner Immersion Dinner Immersion
6 – 7:30 pm Evening Session Evening Session

Do you dare to step out of your comfort zone to be the path-finder?
Are you courageous at heart?

This course is for you!

Application Deadline July 15, 2023