MSU Student Government

It's time for students to lead.

Beginning with the 2023-2024 academic year, each of the five MSU majors will nominate multiple candidates and then elect one representative from their major who is best qualifed to represent both their major’s interests and all of the students’ interests who are enrolled in that major.  Details about election times and our school-wide campaign speech event will be communicated at Boot Camp in August.

Together, these five representatives of the MSU majors will:

1. Counsel Together

MSU SG  will “compare notes” on what is happening in their respective majors with the goal of identifying trends and drawing conclusions about what the Lord is saying and doing.

2. Brainstorm Together

MSU SG will design social events that will greatly enrich student life on campus, develop realistic fund-raisers to support these events as needed, and communicate their plans effectively for maximum success.  

3. Solve Problems Together

MSU SG will identify problems that arise, develop solutions to solve them, and communicate their plans clearly to the MSU director.  In the event of a major unfolding crisis—or an explosive move of God—MSY SG will also serve as a think tank to help MSU navigate the times with wisdom and creativity.  

MSU SG will set its own meeting schedule upon its first meeting, communicate internally, and share its conclusions, ideas, and solutions with the student body and with the MSU director.