The MSU Director's Vision:
"Raising Up Eleventh-Hour Workers"

In 2015, the Lord gave me a dream of thousands of youth flooding the MorningStar campus and converging on Main Street (the central area on our campus), where the glory of the Lord was falling like a fire raining from the sky.  The anointing that was raining down was so energizing that it was impossible for older believers to even sit down.  As I wept with joy and watched thousands of youth shouting with their hands lifted up to touch the glory, I went to Bob Jones and asked him, “Is this the billion soul harvest that you prophesied?”  With a grin on his face, he explained to me, “No—these are only the eleventh-hour workers!”  I knew then that the coming harvest would be much greater than we anticipate and that MorningStar would be one of the key training hubs the Lord would raise up for the next move of God.

Then in 2022, before I was asked to lead MorningStar University for this new season, the Lord reminded me again of that dream and He spoke to me, “It’s time to re-tool MSU to bring in the Harvest.” In the months that followed, He began to show me simple keys for how he wanted to build a new wineskin here that could help to train and equip the “eleventh-hour workers” to steward the next great move of God.  The wonderful staff I serve with here at MorningStar ministries have also confirmed and contributed to many of the changes we’re making this year and we could not pull off this re-design without significant unity in our team.

There is a sense of building excitement because we have the privilege of teaching, training, and equipping the “eleventh-hour workers” who will bring in greatest harvest of souls of all time, overcome the greatest challenges of all time, and walk in the greatest supernatural ministries of all time.  The only question is: are you satisfied with your life as it stands today?  Or is time to make a radical change and lay down your life to become an eleventh-hour worker?  These are questions that every single one of us need to seriously and prayerfully consider as we seek the perfect will of God for our lives.  And if you hear the call to join us, we will be here to help you discover your calling, give you the training and equipping you need, and support and encourage you all along the way. 

Many Blessings,

"We are called to bring in the greatest harvest of all time, overcome the greatest challenges of all time, and walk in the greatest supernatural ministries
of all time."