Letter from the Director

We are living in some very interesting and unprecedented times—the kind of times that demand Godly leaders to rise to the challenges placed before them. Because of this, I’d like to share with you all briefly about what is going on here at MorningStar University (MSU) and what we will be doing in the coming year.

MSU launched the College of Leadership 4 years ago, and since that time, it has continued growing and developing into a life-transforming school for all those who attend. Our goal here at MorningStar University is to see every student connect deeply with their creator and their purpose. When those two things happen, they cannot help but walk in a manner that people will follow. They become leaders.

In order to achieve that goal, we need to actively train and coach our students, which works best when our students are here on campus with us in community. It is these healthy relationships with staff, teachers, and other like-minded students that accelerate the transformation process, something the bible refers to as “iron sharpening iron.”

It’s because of this that we are planning to have classes onsite here in Fort Mill, South Carolina this coming August.

We’re continuing to monitor the situations unfolding around us, and the safety of our students and staff will always be our top priority. Plans are already in motion to modify many aspects of the classroom environment and living areas, and we will continue to adjust as needed. However, we believe it is important to continue moving forward in the work God has put before all of us—students and staff alike.

So if you’re interested in growing in your faith, discovering your purpose, and becoming the leader you are called to be, send us your application and join us at MorningStar University this August.

Nathan Plowman
MorningStar University Director


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