Frequently Asked Questions

How does the program work?

MorningStar University is hosted on a beautiful campus in Fort Mill, South Carolina.  For full-time students, we offer programs in five different majors.  Students may pursue a one-year intensive ministry certificate (24 credits, great for those who want to “give God their gap year),  a two-year Associate’s Degree (60 credits),  or a Bachelor’s Degree (120 credits) in three-four years, depending on student pacing. 

Regardless of the degree track chosen, all students are required complete the same core classes which give solid foundations in the Word and training in supernatural ministry.   They can also build their skills in specific areas of personal calling and gifting with our electives offerings. 

Why has our “College of Leadership” language changed?

If you’ve been following MorningStar for a long time, you may have noticed that it is harder to find the “College of Leadership” branding on our materials this year.  This is not because we have given up on training leaders–in fact, it’s still one of our greatest purposes as a university.  However, we recognize that times of much greater turmoil and awakening are imminent and we need to focus much more on deploying believers to advance the kingdom than ever before.  The re-design of our programs reflects our sense that we need to adjust and become a “new wineskin” periodically to make room for new things God wants to do through MSU.

While we still offer leadership courses to our students from seasoned leaders in the Body of Christ–and there remains a leadership track requirement for all students–we have made signficant changes throughout our programs in an effort to re-align ourselves to what the Lord wants us to become in the next great move of the Spirit. 

Is MSU a full-time or part-time program?

MorningStar University’s day classes are primarily designed to train and equip our full-time students: those who have heard from the Lord and made a strong commitment to one of the five main degree options listed above.  However, there are also flexible options to serve those with busy schedules or unique situations, such as night classes open to the public, day class auditing options and online equipping courses.  You can learn more about all of these alternative options at the “Events and Resources” link on the menu above.

How do the classes work?

Full-time students attend core classes from 9:00 am through noon on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  These classes give every student the foundations they’ll need in the Word and in supernatural ministry and are taught by MorningStar leaders with decades of experience in walking with God.

The classes students attend in the afternoons or on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings are a combination of classes in their chosen major and the additional electives they have chosen for personal enrichment.  You can learn more about the classes included in each major and the electives we offer in the “Degrees and Programs”  link on the menu above. 

What if I don’t know my major or want to change my major?

Freshmen are not required to declare a major when applying.  Often, students select their major—or even change their major—based on the leading of the Lord once they receive a clearer vision for their life and calling in the context of prophetic community.   In cases where students change their major “late in the game,” we work with them to develop a plan for graduation which sometimes may include additional courses to complete all graduation requirements.  Regardless of the path the Lord leads you on, our staff will be here to give counsel and support you as you make these important life decisions.   

Can I participate in a major if I am not a full-time student?

Each major is designed differently based on its mission and goals.  For example, our weekend intensive programs for School of the Prophets and Special Forces Missions offer intense weekend immersions for teaching, equipping, activation, and deployment.  Our night classes feature both a “School of Revival” track and a “Deeper Things” lecture series and are open to the public.  You can learn more about these options and others at the “Events and Resources” tab above.

How many students are in the MSU program and where does it happen?

MorningStar University is uniquely blessed to have a large and beautiful campus in Fort Mill, South Carolina which we share with MorningStar’s other high-impact ministry initiatives.  We offer on-campus housing for students.  Our student body is usually limited to 35-45 students because we only want to enroll those with a strong character and a desire to pursue their calling with excellence.

Is MSU accredited?

The MSU College of Leadership is accredited through AICCS (  See the full description of our accreditation on the “Associate and Bachelor” page under the “Degrees and Programs” header above.

Does MSU accept international students?

We want to truly become the “House of Prayer for all nations” about which Jesus was so passionate. This is why MSU values having a diverse student population, and we have graduates from all over the world.  Click here for information regarding visa requirements for international students.


Are tuition payment plans available?

We are happy to work with students on a payment plan. Contact the MSU office at for more information.  

Are scholarships or financial aid packages available?

Given our non-profit ministry status, we are unable to provide full scholarships or federal student aid at this time. However, we do provide options for students to participate in work-study programs that substantially reduce the cost of housing and tuition.  Students with a strong work ethic who serve in one of MorningStar’s ministry departments “as unto the Lord” can generally cover a large percentage of their expenses this way.

We also offer discounts to U.S. veterans, MFM/MFC members, and MorningStar Partners.  This discount applies also applies to immediate family members.  Contact the MSU office at for more information.  While veterans can take advantage of our veterans’ discount, the G.I. Bill cannot be used at MSU due to our non-profit status.


Are there other costs I should know about?

MorningStar University offers opportunities throughout the year to participate in ministry trips within the United States and overseas. Trip costs vary and are announced well in advance throughout the school year.   In the case of some strategic deployments to respond to urgent disasters, student travel expenses may be fully or partially covered under MorningStar’s disaster relief plans.

There is also a minimal student life fee which gives our student government a dedicated fund for planning events that enrich student life (see “Student Life” and “Tuition and Fees” under “Student Information” heading above).

Are meal plans available?

MorningStar University does not offer meal plans.  However, breakfast and lunch are available for purchase (with a student discount) at our excellent Missions Café located on our campus’ Main Street.  Full-time students may also plan and prepare their own meals in the kitchens that are included with student housing.

Is student housing available on campus?

Bunk housing is available for college-age MSU students on the MorningStar campus. Hotel rooms in the H.I.M. Conference Center are also available.  All housing is available on a first come, first serve basis and is handled through the H.I.M. Conference Center, not the MSU office. Once accepted into the school, an incoming MSU student can reserve accommodation in the Bunk House or in the HIM hotel by contacting Deborah Gill at 803-802-5544 (ext. 278) or at

Students who apply after we have filled our housing capacity can still be admitted to MSU.  In this case, we will let you know that we have no housing available so that you can make off-campus housing arrangements.  

When can I move in?  When am I required to move out?

Move-in and move-out dates are given in the “Course Calendar” under the “Student Information” menu above.   Move-in day is exciting as freshmen get to meet others in the student body and returning students enjoy tearful reunions.  Students are expected to move in and move out on the listed dates unless special accommodations have been approved (such as for international students or students with serious ministry obligations at MorningStar).  —