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MSU School of Revival gives students an unshakeable foundation in the Word, a background in theology and revival history, training and mentoring in supernatural ministry., and opportunities to impact thousands of lives with frequent hands-on ministry.

Degree options include a one-year immersion program for those who want to “give God their gap year” as well as Associate’s and Bachelor’s degree programs for those who desire deeper training for a ministry calling.

An Urgent Mandate for Revival!

A message from MSU Director Michael Fickess

In 2015, the Lord gave me a dream of thousands of youth flooding the MorningStar campus and converging on Main Street (the central area on our campus), where the glory of the Lord was falling like a fire raining from the sky.  The anointing that was raining down was so energizing that it was impossible for older believers to even sit down.  As I wept with joy and watched thousands of youth shouting with their hands lifted up to touch the glory, I went to Bob Jones and asked him, “Is this the billion soul harvest that you prophesied?”  With a grin on his face, he explained to me, “No—these are only the eleventh-hour workers!”  I knew then that the coming harvest would be much greater than we anticipate and that MorningStar would be one of the key training hubs the Lord would raise up for the next move of God.

Then in 2022, before I was asked to lead MorningStar University for this new season, the Lord reminded me again of that dream and he spoke to me, “It’s time to re-tool MSU to bring in the Harvest.” In the months that followed, He began to show me simple keys for how he wanted to build a new wineskin here that could help to train and equip the “eleventh-hour workers” to steward the next great move of God.  The wonderful staff I serve with here at MorningStar ministries have also confirmed and contributed to many of the changes we’re making this year and we could not pull off this re-design without significant unity in our team.

There is a sense of building excitement because we have the privilege of teaching, training, and equipping the “eleventh-hour workers” who will bring in greatest harvest of souls of all time, overcome the greatest challenges of all time, and walk in the greatest supernatural ministries of all time. 

This program is not for the faint of heart.  Real supernatural ministry requires us to sacrifice ourselves in service to the Lord, serve for many hours without complaint in works of compassion for others, and to crucify anything that stands between us and our God-given destiny. 

In the School of Revival, you will be asked to step out of your comfort zone, stretch your faith, and engage in the supernatural gifts of the Spirit as never before.  But MSU staff and MorningStar Ministries leaders will be there to train you, equip you, support you, and encourage you until you truly become the carrier of His Presence you are called to be!

MSU School of Revival Program Desription

All full-time MSU School of Revival students  in all program tracks receive the following program benefits:


Rigorous core classes that give strong foundations in the Word, a much deeper understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and strengthen a prophetic and Biblical worldview for understanding our times.  Elective options give students a chance to break out of their comfort zone, explore their creative gifts, or recieve the training they’ll need to be effective and high-impact ministry leaders.  Most of these classes will be offered from Tuesday through Thursday during the day.  See our course catalog (under the “Degrees and Programs” heading above) for a detailed description of the core classes and electives we are currently offering.  


One of the amazing thing about the MSU campus is that we can minister to thousands of believers from all over the world without even leaving the property!  After completing some “basic training” modules in the first few weeks of the school year,  all School of Revival students will be involved in facilitating and providing supernatural ministry during our revival nights.  School of Revival students will also join regularly with our MorningStar Fellowship Church’s supernatural ministry teams for frequent opportunities to practice their gift, receive coaching and mentoring, and learn by observing the Spirit of God move through others and themselves.


If we have learned anything from the book of Acts or from church history, it is that revival is contagious!  In addition to receiving impartation and serving locally, School of Revival students may travel to other cities and regions throughout the United States to visit places where God is moving to receive – or to travel as a ministry team to give everything God has given us to cities and regions that hunger for a fresh touch from God.  


The stories of great miracles, power, and glory being released in the book of Acts happened within a church that was constantly persecuted and surrounded by crisis.  Rather than fearing crisis and staying away from impacted regions, we give School of Revival students the opportunity to join MSU Special Forces on select deployments as an additional and optional component of the School of Revival program. 

School of Revival Students who choose to join in a select deployment must receive the same disaster response training that all Crisis Response International volunteers receive (this generally happens over one or two days of training.)  For more information, refer to the MSU Special Forces Program page under the “Degrees and Programs” heading above.


When Jesus multiplied the loaves and fishes, the disciples first had to organize everyone into groups.  Then, they had to distribute each portion in an organized manner.  Likewise, there is more to ministry than the exciting supernatural component.  To be effective in ministry, we also have to develop practical leadership,  administrative, and inter-personal skills that set us up for a life-time of success.

For this reason, all School of Revival students in all three program tracks are required to take at least two leadership credits each year – as well as complete an internship with one of the key departments that helps to administrate MorningStar Ministries’ global impact.  

All of the other components of this program are designed to light a revival fire in every SOR student.  But these components are designed to keep that fire burning, even when there are difficult challenges that arise (as they always do).

This is the time.
The Harvest is ripening.
And the Lord needs YOU to bring it in!

"I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest! Even now the one who reaps draws a wage and harvests a crop for eternal life, so that the sower and the reaper may be glad together."

-Luke 4:35-36