The MSU Transformational Leadership program, our flagship course, is designed with the following goals in mind:

  • To raise up high-impact Christian leaders who stand firm in their faith and have the ability to create positive and lasting change in the world.
  • To equip each student with the tools needed to be a successful leader in whatever sphere of influence they are called to impact.
  • To help each student understand their unique purpose, destiny, and place in God’s divine plan for history.
  • To spiritually strengthen and mature each student to walk in wholeness in every area of their life

This program is not a traditional Bible school or seminary as the focus is on training students to become leaders in any area of society, although all teaching is grounded in Christian principles. The Bible serves as the foundational textbook, and students are also assigned reading from a variety of leadership materials throughout the program. Some MSU graduates have gone on to make an impact in areas such as business and the arts while others are impacting the mission field and the church.

The Transformational Leadership program combines classroom lectures with practical hands-on training in real world environments. Students are also given a variety of ministry opportunities to supplement their leadership training. Students hear from world-renown speakers with decades of leadership experience in fields such as education, business, government, missions, and ministry. All speakers are currently engaged in leadership positions, and this enables their messages to be relevant and fresh.

Core classes include Biblical Leadership, Essentials of the Faith, and Current Events and Worldview. Click here to learn more about these core classes and to hear from some of the teachers.

In addition to these core classes, students also receive training in a variety of spiritual and practical leadership skills, including healing and prophetic ministry, team building, critical thinking, communication, and conflict resolution. These additional courses are designed to help students become successful Christian leaders in whatever sphere of influence they are called to.

All students complete the core leadership courses, and some choose to add one of two electives to their program: Special Forces or the Worship School.

Degree Tracks


Certificate Track

This one year intensive is designed for students looking to take a gap year after High School to strengthen their spirit and clarify their purpose. This track is also for recent college graduates looking to gain valuable leadership skills before launching their career.

This one year intensive can stand alone or serve as a launching point to the Associates or Bachelors degree tracks. This intensive provides many opportunities to grow, heal, discover purpose, and be launched into the next phase of life with a greater understanding of God’s plan. During the year, students also have the opportunity to participate in the electives as well as in ministry and missions trips.

Students may earn 28-46 credits in this track. The range of credits earned depends on if a student chooses to be involved in an elective and which one they choose.

Associates Degree

An Associates Degree in Leadership Ministry is available for students who have completed the one year intensive and wish to continue their training. Students go deeper in their study of leadership, theology, and worldview, and they have greater opportunities for internships. The electives continue into this degree track, and students have the opportunity to teach, disciple, and lead first year students.

Entry into the Associates Degree program is selective, requiring students to do well in the first year intensive to be considered. All students in the Associates program are required to travel overseas and work with ministries, businesses, or in other areas related to where they feel God has called them. International students are required to travel within the US.

Bachelors Degree

After two years of study, student may enter into the Bachelors Degree program. This track is even more selective, and only students who show a strong leadership ability and high spiritual maturity will be considered.

In this degree track, spiritual and leadership studies become more challenging, and students are assigned leadership positions within MSU, MorningStar Ministries, or in other areas of approved placement.

Students who completed electives in the first two years of their studies can complete the Bachelors Degree in three years. Those who did not may require a fourth year to earn the required number of credits to complete their degree.

Become the Leader You are Called to Be

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