The College of Leadership


The College of Leadership is a training program designed with the following goals in mind:

  • To raise up determined and resilient Christian leaders who stand firm in their faith, walk humbly before God, and have the endurance to create lasting change in the world.
  • To equip each student with the skills and tools needed to be a successful leader in whatever sphere of influence they are called to.
  • To help students understand their unique identity in Christ and discover their purpose and destiny in God’s divine plan.
  • To spiritually strengthen and mature students to walk in health and wholeness in every area of their life.

Although the MSU College of Leadership is not a Bible school, the Bible is our primary textbook. We believe it is the Word of God and profitable for teaching, reproof, correction, and training in all righteousness (see II Timothy 3:16).

The College of Leadership is also not a seminary, even though we train up leaders as ministers of God’s love and power. The difference is that not all the ministering leaders trained here go into the church. Some of our students become business leaders, some move into government roles, and still others into the arts. We raise ministering leaders for all spheres of influence.



The COL leadership training occurs through the core College of Leadership courses.

College of Leadership courses combine classroom lectures with practical, hands-on training in real-world environments. Students hear from world-renown speakers with decades of leadership experience in fields such as education, business, government, missions, and ministry. Students are also given a variety of ministry opportunities to supplement their leadership training. All MSU teachers are currently engaged in leadership positions, enabling their teaching to be relevant and fresh.

The core classes include Biblical Leadership, Deep Foundations, Prophetic Perspectives on Current Events, Life Skills, Spiritual Training, and Business Foundations. Click here to learn more about these core classes and to hear from some of the teachers.

In addition to these core classes, students also receive training in various spiritual and practical leadership skills, including healing and prophetic ministry, team building, critical thinking, communication, and conflict resolution. These additional courses are designed to help students become successful Christian leaders in whatever sphere of influence they are called to.

All students in the MSU College of Leadership are required to attend these core leadership classes. Many of our students also choose to be part of our major programs. The three majors currently offered in the College of Leadership are Special ForcesSchool of Worship, and the School of the Prophets Program.

Degree Tracks



First-Year Certificate Track

This one-year intensive program is designed to provide students with a firm spiritual foundation to build their lives upon and a solid understanding of the demands and requirements of leadership. This certificate track is excellent for students looking to take a gap year after high school to strengthen their spirit and clarify their purpose. It’s also impactful for recent college graduates looking to reconnect to their spiritual calling and gain valuable leadership skills before launching into their careers.

Students may choose to complete this one-year certificate track or remain with us and continue to the second-year program to move towards an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

We start our semester with Boot Camp week, an intense time of encounter with God, worship, teaching, team building, and outdoor activities. This time of community building with the student body and immersion into the message of MorningStar will conclude with an opportunity to be baptized in the Holy Spirit and baptized in water. This off-campus encounter week is always a year’s highlight for MSU students. The additional $99.00 covers all expenses during this time. More details will be covered on campus.

Second-Year Associate's Degree

The second year of the College of Leadership is available for students who have completed the first-year certificate program and wish to continue their training. In this second year, students go deeper into the study of leadership and theology as well as other business, communication, and ministry courses. Second-year students are also required to participate in an internship throughout the year. These internships provide practical training in leadership, and students are also given responsibilities within MSU to help lead and disciple the first-year class.

Some students in the associate degree program will have the opportunity to travel overseas for some time to work with ministries, businesses, or other areas related to where they feel God has called them. International students will have the opportunity to travel within the U.S.

Entry into the associate degree program is selective, and students must do well in the first-year program to be considered. Sixty credit hours are required to complete the Associate’s degree program.

Third-Year Bachelor's Degree

After completing two years of study at MSU, students may apply for the bachelor’s degree program. This track is even more selective than the associate, and only students with strong leadership ability and high spiritual maturity will be considered.

In this degree track, spiritual and leadership studies become more challenging, and students are assigned leadership positions within MSU, MorningStar Ministries, or other approved placement areas.

Students need 120 credits to complete the bachelor’s degree, and those who participate in one of the two majors in the previous two years can usually achieve these credits in three rather than four.

Become the Leader You are Called to Be