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Transformational Leadership

Our main purpose at MSU is to raise up high-impact leaders and this Transformational leadership program is where it all happens. In this program our students will learn from world renowned leaders in an interactive and engaging classroom atmosphere that also includes classes on essential theology, spiritual training, current world events and more.

Steadfast outdoor leadership

Focusing on missions, this elective is an intense, physically demanding outdoor leadership program designed to push students beyond their perceived limits to promote resilience, teamwork and growth. Leadership is a difficult path to walk and this program will not let you forget that.

School of Worship

Over the years MSU has produced many of the great worship leaders that we all know about today. In this elective our professional instructors bring decades of music, worship, and recording industry experience to teach and disciple young worship leaders and musicians into a greater level of skill with their instrument and the true heart of worship in their spirit.

School of Ministry

Hands-on training for anyone called to serve in the church, mission field or any other church related endeavor. You will be involved in every aspect of MorningStar Fellowship Church, gaining experience and knowledge from different perspectives. Together with our experienced leaders, you will be taken out in teams to minister in various churches from our area.


Elissa Yoder

The opportunity to work with Don Potter in the worship school was a tremendous privilege. The process taught me a lot about sonship, as well as how to release the unique, God-given sound He put inside of me. My life has been forever changed through this experience.

Tristin Creedle

Morningstar University has been such a blessing to my life. In my time here I’ve truly discovered my
calling. I’ve discovered who God is to me and obtained a much higher revelation of who I am in God.
My generation is in need of strong leaders and I feel that this school has given me the road map to
unlock the leader inside of me.

Isaac Beaver

My time at MSU has been amazing! It’s not all about how we change physically but how God can remove old ways of thinking and rebuild us in His image so that we can fulfill our calling. MSU is the most impactful program that I’ve ever experienced. We just have to trust the process.

New Zealand campus launching in Feb 2022 - FIND OUT MORE

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